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Pillows & Records

by Aidan Hawken

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Introduction 00:23
Lyrics: n/a
Take In 03:55
Lyrics: it’s all too much to take in like a child i believed in everything and i listened to your voice no i don’t think that i had a choice honey i can’t take another lie tell me the truth i’ve got the proof in your own words tell me how that you feel stop spinning my wheels give me something to stand upon and everything will work itself out hard as it may seem to be filled with self doubt if i know where you stand baby i can be a man and understand well dissapointment hurts and lies just make it worse it breaks my heart in two every time i talk to you
Lyrics: were you standing in the corner was that you that i saw just what was it that you were doing who do you think you are hey i hear your sounds you are all around me baby wherever you are you can’t be too far can’t be too...much different from the rest of us it’s all make believe you stand in the corner pretend not to see and i won’t say anything to anyone else that we know no i won’t say anything to anyone else that we know just let it all go i don’t see much of you anymore
Lyrics: one’s all i need maybe two or three try it sometime and you’ll see what i mean nothing to lose don’t be confused it’s making me happy get over yourself rose colored glasses part of the masses just one more line i’ll be feeling fine you shoudn’t talk with your blackboard and chalk it’s making me happy get over yourself katie come on listen don’t block the sun from your eyes you don’t know what your missing in control of your life you know i’ll never try that but i’ll get over myself if you get over yourself look in the mirror nothing to fear once i was blind now i see it so clear rose colored glasses things move much faster it’s making me happy i don’t need your help
Crush 03:11
Lyrics: sometimes i follow you look through your window and i watch you sigh you’re getting off real soon i should ask your name maybe get your number we could go out sometime it’s all in my mind i need some excuse to come talk to you be my 5 minute friend you know i’ve got time to spend i hope you don’t mind that i come to see you and it’s no mistake that you see my face i know i’d do best to forget about us cause there is no us i forget sometimes it’s just a crush cause there’s some one else he knows your name and he’s got your number maybe he’s just a crush maybe he’s so unkind and he’s never on time doesn’t know your such a find there goes my mind
Lyrics: what you got what you got that no one else does you pretend you pretend you’re somebody else i can’t buy i can’t buy what you’re trying to sell take a look take a long hard look at yourself i was thinking about your suicide i can’t ever seem to make you stay it’s winter again and you’re so far away like a summer day do really believe you’re just like the stars what’s your name what’s your name what are you calling yourself you know you like you’re trying to be somebody else i can act i can act like i’m your best friend but you just start you just start it over again
Tired 01:32
Lyrics: just the way i saw you reach out touch his hand it was born something in us you can’t understand and if i ever get to know you it might kill us both but i’ll be free to tell you you reflected in the corner of my eye while i stood there watching all the busy people passing through it occured cars and trucks that had a million things to do i thought i should slow down for a while i get so tired after all
8 Weeks 04:52
Lyrics: i set out to make you mine again i called you up told you that i had changed it’s been 8 weeks since i drank myself to sleep at night with empty packs of cigarettes and promises i found my way out of the city lights cold fresh air trees and starry nights i picked up my guitar to sing tell you i’d give you anything that’s why i won’t call you anymore i could be blamed i’m so ashamed i got so drunk that i missed out on everything i try to get myself out of bed walk our dog shower try to eat some bread and try my best not to think of you check my phone just in case it’s not like i have all this time to waste oh how i wish i was over you i wanna cry i wanna scream do you believe honestly that i never bleed oh how i wish i was over you
Neighborhood 05:21
Lyrics: we don’t talk too much we don’t understand why you are facing towards the sun take your photograph make sure all of us are gone and underneath the sun don’t you tell them don’t you tell on me i know i know you’re already gone we don’t look too much we don’t cause you such a scene we understand what you mean take your neighborhood all you misunderstood and walk towards the sun
Lyrics: i drove 3000 miles from north california and new mexico snowed like a fresh start above us i drove 3000 miles to north carolina i thought once and for all we put the distance behind us we drove 3000 miles to our home california we left nothing behind but the distance between us
Lyrics: little darling why’d you get into this mess you’re just an accident waiting to happen i guess you always put our love to the test look baby you always escape with such ease that said you come and go as you please not sure what to believe you’re lucky i’m so understanding you’re lucky i’m so undemanding you could run around with any man you want and i act like i’m satisfied but i’m bleeding on the inside you know watch baby watch me climb out of this hole i see you laughing but i think it’s all just for show you cheat and lie it’s easy anything goes little darling how did i get into this mess i never know what’s real or what’s part of the test i’m just a sucker open hearted i guess some day you’ll fall but you know i’m always here to pick you up when you fall i’ll be at your side look you straight in the eyes tell you i’m the one
Lyrics: you said this is a used up world you follow the river and your home is in the mountains you’ve forgotten your questions lost your purpose beauty’s gone this house still smells and sounds like you all your pillows and records i had you here had you you said this is the end of the world and i believed but knowing everything i know now it’s just easier to understand you’re carried by the river you were born in the ocean and this house still smells and sounds like you so ask all your questions try all their answers change as we may whatever should follow i love you i had you here...
Jenny 04:35
Lyrics: jenny i have this perfect dream i hold you close and there is nothing in between your eyes are deep like the sea but warm like the sun jenny you wake up in my arms i hold you close and keep you safe from any harm and like a warm summer breeze you’re calm you believe we feel the ground beneath our feet when we embrace we are complete we see the colors and the beauty of this place as we reach from the earth to the sky jenny you are my perfect love sent so clearly from the heavens up above and where you are is my home my soul has always known these are my most thought out words and my most precious melodies this is my most perfect dream nothing between our love


"I want to tell the story of this record because the process of making it and the finished result turned out to be very special to us both. The truth is, the story is best told by the recording itself. Aidan and I have made many recordings in the eight years since we started collaborating. We’ve made two records, one EP, and countless unreleased recordings with our band, Highwater Rising. We’ve labored over some songs while other recordings came together overnight. [Pillows & Records] seemed to come the easiest; the culmination, I suppose, of the 8 years of experience and mutual trust.

In just 25 days (January 5–30, 2005) this record was recorded, mixed and mastered. Inspired by the stories depicted in Dylan’s “Chronicles” and excited to approach this record differently from Highwater Rising’s last release, “The In Between” (2003), we decided to try to capture entire versions of songs, keeping the majority of the live takes as they were performed. We were committed to choosing performance over perfection and leaving mistakes. As it turned out, the band made very few mistakes. It was truly an honor for us both to work with such a great group of guys.

I hope you like this record. Thanks."



released June 1, 2005


Produced, recorded, and mixed by JJ Wiesler

All music by Aidan Hawken except "Pillows & Records" by Aidan Hawken, JJ Wiesler, and Jason Borger, "Wherever You Are" and "Neighborhood" by Aidan Hawken & Jacob Bronstein

All music © 2005 Lie Awake Music (ASCAP)
except "Pillows & Records" © 2005 Analog Kid Music (ASCAP)

All lyrics by Aidan Hawken

Cover photo by Ivan Iannoli (www.ivaniannoli.com)


all rights reserved



Aidan Hawken Los Angeles

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